Mods can always enhance your gaming experience, and make it better! What are some of those mods?

Top 5 Mods for Skyrim: Special Edition

Mods can always enhance your gaming experience, and make it better! What are some of those mods?

With the release of Skyrim: Special Edition over a week ago, modders have been busy composing various mods across all three platforms that the game is out for. Every day, they release something new for players to download and install into their games.

The mods being made serve a variety of purposes. Some change or improve something that already exists in the game, while others add completely different assets. There are also mods that fix bugs and glitches -- something that the developers should have done, but didn't...yet!

The following list showcases some of the most useful, interesting, and unusual mods for Skyrim SE that are currently available on to download.

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1. Unofficial Skyrim: Special Edition Patch (Xbox 1 One and PC)

Mod Author: Arthmoor

This mod is a must-get if you have the game for either system. Why? As the name of the mod suggests, it's an unofficial patch that fixes numerous issues that the developers have not bothered to address yet -- like quest bugs, item glitches, NPC bugs, etc.

The unofficial patch mod is extremely useful since it provides a more smooth gaming experience, and is compatible with every other mod out there. Players won't have to worry about encountering any problems since this mod takes care of them! 

2. Rain and Snow FX (PS4 and Xbox One)

Mod Author: Chesko

This is more of a cosmetic mod. But based on the number of downloads and ratings, it's a really great one. What it basically does is add ice and water effects to your character whenever he/she is in the right environment. 

According to the mod author:

"Rain and Snow FX allows your character to show frost and wetness (complete with dripping particle effects) when in the rain and in snowstorms. Your skin will also be wet during and just after swimming." 

It's a nice mod that adds a sense of realism to the game. It's the small things that count (like this mod for instance).

3. Phenderix Magic Evolved (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Mod Author: phenderix

If you like the spells that the vanilla version of Skyrim has to offer, then you're going to love this mod. It allows you to purchase or find over 370 spells throughout the entire game.

This mod has spells that freeze time, allows you to summon any creature, harm your enemies in unusual and bizarre ways, etc. The fact that there is so much variety in those spells just goes to show the creative aspect of this mod. 

If you have become bored of using the spells found in the game, or want to try and get into spells in general, then this mod is definitely for you! 

4. Deadly Civil War of Skyrim (Imperial and Stormcloak Overhaul) (PS4, PC, Xbox One)

Mod Author: DarkClawRaven

As you might already know, Skyrim is in the middle of a civil war. It's the Stormcloaks against the Imperial Legion. All out battle, blood, chaos, gore! Right? Well...if you have played the game at all, you know that's not quite the case. There are no epic battles fought across Skryim. No chaos, no war. Technically, there is action when you progress through either the Imperial or Stormcloak storyline, but it's not enough!

This mod adds battles across the lands of Skyrim! IWhen you journey from Whiterun to Riften for example, there is a good chance that you'll see the two sides duking it out. You can either watch, or try and help the side that you support.

I think this mod is unique because it adds excitement and more realism to the base game. Make your journey more dramatic! 

5. Dragons Be Gone! (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Mod Author: Mercazoid

This is a simple-yet-useful mod. As you have already guessed from the title, it removes random dragon encounters!

The download page reads:

"Tired of dragons swooping down to attack you out of nowhere and killing everything and everyone around you? Look no further! This mod stops random dragons from being encountered in the wild, cities and villages."

So, there you have it. If you want to travel in peace without a pesky dragon ruining your day, then this mod is for you!

It is worth noting that if you saved near a dragon before activating this mod, that dragon will still be there unlike future ones. Also, it does not remove dragons in scripted encounters, or near Word Walls. Nevertheless, it's still great if you want some peace and quiet.


Of course, there are hundreds of other great mods out there across all three platforms. What are some of your favorite mods for Skyrim SE? Any you think are useful or just plain fun? Feel free to comment below! 

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