Strange sports, sadistic games, and J-pop, 2016 may be the year of the weird.

Top 5 Strange and Unique Games Coming Out in 2016

Strange sports, sadistic games, and J-pop, 2016 may be the year of the weird.
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2016 is a good year to be a gamer.  With so many great titles already released, such as Dark Souls III, XCOM 2, and Tom Clancy's The Division, and more on the horizon, it's easy to miss some of the smaller, stranger games.  Here are five unique games coming out this year that might fly under your radar, but still deserve your attention.

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Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You is a couch co-op game for two to four players, and plays like a cross between soccer, wrestling, and Nickelodeon's CatDog. In Push Me Pull You, two players share one controller and half of one character. The two players must work together to score goals, but as every move they makes moves their partner, this isn't as easy as it sounds -- which makes for some hilarious and frustrating fun.  

Push Me Pull You comes out May 3rd, 2016 for PlayStation 4, and will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in the near future.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions &oFE

This crossover between two of the biggest JRPG franchises looks... different, to say the least.  Featuring gameplay similar to the Shin Megami Tensei series and a story that sees fan-favorite Fire Emblem characters joining forces with idol singers in modern Japan, Tokyo Mirage Sessions &oFE is probably very different from what people expected when the crossover was announced.  Despite this, catchy music and a deep combat system makes this one worth a try for JRPG fans.  

Tokyo Mirage Sessions &oFE will be available exclusively on the Wii U on June 24th, 2016. 

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

The long-awaited final installment in the cult-classic Zero Escape trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma is a cinematic adventure game where nine people are trapped by a mysterious figure known as Zero and forced to play a deadly game to escape, in which six must die in order for the rest to leave.  While that may sound more sadistic than strange, keep in mind that this is the climax of a series featuring a branching story based on player choice, time travel, and a college student cursed to only say puns when people start talking about cats (no kitten!).  

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma comes out on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on June 28th.

We Happy Few 

Survival games are less than unique now, but We Happy Few is a very different sort of game.  Rather than building a shelter and hiding out for the night in fear of monsters, We Happy Few is a game about hiding among the monsters yourself.  In the game's warped view of England, the population is kept at peace by a government mandated drug called joy, and the streets are filled with white-faced psychopaths ready to kill anyone not "on their joy". The player must survive by blending in with the enemy in this tense rouge-like.  

We Happy Few will release on Microsoft Game Preview and Steam Early Access sometime in June, 2016.


The latest game from auteur game developer Suda51, LET IT DIE plays similar to FromSoftware's Souls games, particularly last year's Bloodborne. However, it's still as crazy and over-the-top violent as any other Suda51 game.  The PAX demo began with the player fist-fighting zombies in their underwear, and could easily end with them duel-wielding power tools to take down horrific monstrosities.  Add in a health system based around catching and eating small animals, a ton of clothing drops ranging from jeans to feudal Japanese military uniforms, and a skateboarding Grim Reaper who calls you "Senpai," and you have one of the craziest games of the year.  

LET IT DIE will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 sometime around the end of this year.

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