Looking for a music app on iOS? Don't try these!

Top 5 Worst Rhythm Games For iOS

Looking for a music app on iOS? Don't try these!
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We’ve all been there: you’re on the hunt for an awesome new game to try out, or finally got that iTunes gift card you’ve been after for months. Then you see it, bright colored app art, a snazzy title, and everything you could have ever hoped for in a game app. Or, at least, so you thought.

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Sometimes we find games that look perfect at first because their marketers are great at their jobs, but when you actually get the app, you realize that you have just completely wasted your time and your money for nothing. 

It’s hard to decide which game to play when there are hundreds of thousands to choose from. But we are here to help you make that list a little shorter by telling you which games to avoid at all costs!

Listed below are 5 of the worst rhythm-based iOS games, and some of the issues they have. 

TapTube — Video Rhythm Game

The idea of this game is you can play a rhythm-based game using YouTube videos as your music source, that way you don’t have a limited number of songs to choose from. It is free to download but offers in-app purchases.

But it has problems, many of which have been issues with songs syncing with the game. One review noted that the video would jump to a different part of the song and throw off the player. There have also been issues with iCloud saves, meaning that if you got a new phone, none of your progress can be saved. Bummer!   

Guitar Galaxy: A New Rhythm Game 

Now, keep in mind, this game was just released in May and has only one version, but right now, the game is difficult to get into. The game is similar to Guitar Hero, where you try to keep up with the rhythm by pressing the notes at the bottom. So far, the game only has one, one-star review, with the reviewer saying that the timing is flawed and the notes do not match the songs played. Though this is a fairly new game, this developer has created several others like this one, many of which only has two-star ratings.   

Rhythm Taps

The game’s goal is to teach musical rhythms and time signatures in a “fun, easy, and understandable way.” While it does have 4-5 stars, most of the comments have noted that the game is not functional and becomes too difficult after level 4. How is that fun and easy learning?

Rhythm Rocket 

This is supposed to be an app that allows you to implement your own personal music library into the game, where you avoid obstacles and collect points. The game hasn’t been updated since 2012, and while there are good star ratings, most of the comments have noted that the game has the potential to improve, but it seems that the developers aren’t interested because it hasn’t been updated. There are comments up until 2014 from users giving suggestions, but nothing has been improved in more than 5 years.

Touch Pianist – Tap in Rhythm and Perform Your Favorite Music

This game seems to be very similar to Piano Tiles and the like. The app is free to download, but it is riddled with in-app purchases, and in order to unlock all the features of the game, you have to pay $11.99. Players are furious about the prices in the game, and how many pop-up ads occur while playing. There are also bug issues, making it unplayable for some, and simply infuriating for others. This game overall only has 3 stars. 

So while there may be many rhythm games in the App Store, many that are well worth your time, these five should be avoided at all costs. We hope this helps you in your search for the perfect musically inclined app. What experiences have you had with apps like these? Leave your comments below! 


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