Top 7 Final Fantasy XIV Cosplay

Check out these awesome Final Fantasy XIV cosplay, just in time for Stormblood!

The second massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the series, Final Fantasy XIV hosts more than 450,000 active players worldwide -- according to an FFXIV census.

With so many players and fans -- and considering Final Fantasy XIV has fan festivals that host cosplay contests -- there is a lot of really cool FFXIV cosplay out there. So let's take a look at some of the very best!

(Source: Mayu Moss; Miqo'te Lightning Costume)

Miqo'te Bard

In Final Fantasy XIV, bards specialize in buffing their allies with songs and other enchantments, and they utilize a bow in combat. To start off our list, here is an amazing bard cosplay by oruntia on DeviantArt, who is steadying her arrow and taking aim against an unseen enemy.

"Heavensward" Au Ra

An Au Ra is the first game-original playable race from Final Fantasy XIV. It is first introduced in the first expansion of the game, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.  

Commonly exhibiting curved horns and beautiful scales, Miki's Au Ra sits gracefully in a garden while practicing magic.

Creed Paladin

According to Final Fantasy XIV's lore, paladins are known for their fine swordplay and their steadfast shield work.

Aden's Creed Set Paladin is no exception. With his cosplay's intricate designs and amazing handiwork, it's no wonder that he won "Greatest Detail/Design" from Frankfurt's Final Fantasy Festival Cosplay Contest.

Fat Chocobo

As I am weak to adorable creatures, this cosplay takes the four spot. Chocobos are a recurring animal in the Final Fantasy series, and while this chubby chocobo won't be winning races anytime soon, Donna's Fat Chocobo has certainly won the "Most Entertaining Costume" at 2017's Frankfurt Final Fantasy Festival Cosplay Contest.

It also won adorable points from me; it's so fluffy! I wanna die!


Known in-game as aerial pole-arm wielding warriors, Dragoons were born amidst the chaos of battles between men and dragons.

Tony Chen's Dragoon armor looks so amazing that it's hard for me to believe that it's made out of foam and worbla. His spear points to the sky where he will fly to pierce enemies from above.

Livia Sas Junius

An antagonist from Final Fantasy XIV who is vicious and unstable, she enjoys her domination of Eorzea and feels little affection for anyone, including her own soldiers. The only love that exists in her soul is for Gaius Van Baelsar, who she serves with fanatical loyalty.

Nicholas' Vax's Livia cosplay embodies the terror players should feel when facing her.


Finally, at number 1, here is Garuda, the third and final primal players encounter in the main story quest line. While Garuda looks extremely elegant, be warned she is a bloodthirsty deity.

Shyrelya's Garuda costume does look strongly elegant and menacing. Her feathered wings are extremely detailed and give a graceful look, while her sharp claws look like they can tear deep into players.

And that's our list! It's clear that Final Fantasy XIV fans have some real talent, and with the new expansion, "Stormblood", having just released on June 20, there's sure to be more on the horizon. 

What did you think of these amazing Final Fantasy XIV cosplays? Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

(Source: Miqote From FF14 at Eorzea Cafe by Mayu Moss -- Deviantart)