Top 7 Hidden Messages In Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour

There are lots of secrets hidden in the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo. These are the most lucrative hints of all.
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It took several years for Capcom to bring the Resident Evil main series back to our attention with the seventh installment -- titled “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” Since the reveal of the game at this year’s E3 fans can’t stop discussing and analyzing the demo reel of Resident Evil 7 -- which showcased a completely different type of setting and gameplay than some of the more recent games.

Similar to Hideo Kojima’s P.T. of Silent Hills, Capcom presented Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour -- a glimpse of the upcoming game that is full of hidden messages. Some of them are quite obscure, while others seem absolutely plausible including fun easter eggs and secrets.

Let’s take a look at the most exciting hidden messages revealed by the community in The Beginning Hour that will shed some light on what to expect from the actual Resident Evil 7: Biohazard coming in 2017.

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Ghosts will be the new type of enemies in Resident Evil 7

The first and most disturbing new element that fans have noticed is the female ghost figure following you throughout the entire gameplay of The Beginning Hour. During the VHS flashback, this woman could be seen outside the mansion, in the reflections of the windows, and even hanging from the ceiling.

So, what does this mean? Apparently, ghosts will become the new type of enemy in Resident Evil series. A few other moments in the demo reel serve as the proof of this, such as strange voices appearing out of nowhere, headers in the old newspapers, and other smaller bits.

This could easily indicate that Resident Evil series evolves and gradually leaves zombies behind.

Back to the roots with Umbrella Corps

The Beginning Hour hints on a connection with the very first game of Resident Evil through a flashback scene. There you can spot a photo of a helicopter with an Umbrella Corps logo. This is a huge discovery and may indicate that Resident Evil 7 will go back to its fundamentals.

Also, it is reasonable to suggest that the entirety of Resident Evil 7 will take place inside a huge mansion, just like the first game in the series. The inscription on the back of the photo with Umbrella’s helicopter hints that you may expect to see a few of its representatives inside this mansion as well.

Mind games as the key element

There are a few moments in the game when little things change their meaning. For example -- after the VHS flashback scene, the inscription on one of the pieces of paper changes from “I shall dash them against the stones” to “I shall dash you against the stones.” This is a really scary moment and it has already unsettled lots of fans.

This part has led people to a theory about a possible enemy who would play mind games with the protagonist throughout the entirety of the next installment. Does this mean that Resident Evil 7 will be full of vicious surprises? Yeah, it is very much possible.

A reboot of the entire franchise

This is a huge "if" statement, but if you look at the rest of the messages unveiled in The Beginning Hour demo reel, it becomes clearer and clearer that Resident Evil 7 is the possible start to a reboot of the whole series.

On top of that, if you carefully analyze the serial number of the VHS tape in the beginning of the demo reel, then you will notice that it is exactly the same number as that of the US release of the very first game in the Resident Evil series.

No weapons for you in Resident Evil 7

Did you know that you can find and equip an axe in the Resident Evil 7 demo? But the funny thing is that you can’t really use it. However, some players have noticed the holes in the walls made with nothing else but an axe.

So, what does this mean? Well, this is probably another hint from developers that we won’t be able to use any sorts of weapons in Resident Evil 7. This may surprise a lot of people, and will definitely influence the decision-making process in the game. But who would want to fight ghosts with an axe or guns anyway, right?

We may see Ada Wong return in Resident Evil 7

The Beginning Hour has three endings overall, and one of them starts on the upper secret room with a telephone ringing. In order to unlock this ending you need to foresee the movements of the mannequins on the first floor, thus opening a set of hidden stairs that go upwards.

But what is so special about this ending? Is it the text of the message? As a matter of fact, fans recognized the voice in the phone -- an actress named Courtenay Taylor, who voiced the character of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6. This could mean only one thing -- Ada Wong will be back in Resident Evil 7.

The biggest mystery so far

Finally, the biggest secret in the Resident Evil 7 demo reel is the dummy finger. It drives the community crazy, as nobody really knows the purpose of its existence in the game.

Players have tried using it as a key, which is the only reasonable application of the darned finger. But for now, not a single door has been opened with the help of this unusual key -- unless it’s not a key at all and everybody’s just missing the point.

You bet it makes the developers happy that they managed to bring back some real mystery to the beloved franchise.

Have you played Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour demo? What are your thoughts on the clues presented by the community? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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