Top 8 Minecraft Castle Seeds (With Downloadable Maps)

These 8 seeds make building a Minecraft castle easy -- in fact, in most of them, you don't even have to do any work. Click through to see which seeds are the best and start downloading.

People from all over the world love creating incredible structures in Minecraft and sharing them with other players. Here, we present you with a selection of some of the finest fan-made castles in the game. You can simply enter the seed in your Minecraft account (in Creative Mode) and install the map that comes with each seed (here is a tutorial for PC, Mac, and Linux).

When you install the map, you can use the seed to spawn near or inside the Minecraft castle. You can then change the structure or simply redecorate the interior of the castle to your liking. Also, there is a possibility of setting up a private server and inviting friends to play online inside the castle and seed of your choice.

Note: These Minecraft castle seeds only work on the PC version of the game. We'll have to make a list for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. 

Seed: 4637908366460397568

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If you were looking for a template that mirrored the classic medieval castle in your Minecraft seed, then this seed is going to be perfect for you. It is very simple in design and can be upgraded with your own ideas.

It could be anything, really: an extension of a bigger castle or even a whole settlement built around the original building. It’s your choice how you want to use this great Minecraft castle seed.

It includes watchtowers not too far away from the castle, spawns villagers, mobs, upgraded defenses, and several hidden chests.

Seed: 7700979368314050849

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This is another gorgeous Minecraft castle template, but this time, it’s much more complex and has many additional annexes. This castle is built on top of a hill and is completely empty inside.

This seed was designed for anyone who wants to inhabit the castle and create their own interior design. You can put whatever furniture you like inside -- or you can even turn it into a cold prison for evil mobs. Either way, the possibilities are almost limitless, so check this seed out as soon as you can!

Seed: 1884218084082602064

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This seed a much bigger version of the medieval castle; it has three extra towers, an extra floor, and a bridge. The interior of this castle is made of wood with balconies and lots of rooms -- but there is still much space for improvement.

This Minecraft castle works great for survival mini games with your friends on a private server. It is huge, and even a large group of up to 8 players will have a blast playing in such an extraordinary environment. You can even easily build the castle out to fit a number of scenarios. 

Seed: 7079301573130472901

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This Minecraft castle seed is quite unusual and looks more like a royal palace than a defense castle. Despite that, it has four watchtowers and some strong stone walls, so that means building this castle out to something even more formidable will be a somewhat simple task.

It's hollow inside and doesn’t have any rooms or furniture, so it can be used for arena battles, prisons, and so much more.

Seed: -887164721631742625

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Let’s get into some ancient times with this Minecraft seed! A wooden castle by the lake represents the medieval fortification that protects the water source, which always serves as the main route for transportation.

This is quite a gigantic structure and can serve as a perfect ground for Minecraft mini-games. It has two sections: one is filled with villagers and the other is a battle arena.

Seed: 2388382162849593362625143536241

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Now, this is a really huge one! It stretches its walls outside the mainland into the ocean with a desert village nearby.

It is fully decorated inside with furniture and all sorts of items. This castle's courtyard is massive -- with a settlement inside and enough space for you to build something else to your liking.

Seed: -3616926087401358537

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If you’re tired of the same-looking villages in Minecraft, then here is a great alternative – a medieval settlement with a huge castle in the center.

The castle is beautifully decorated inside, too, with gorgeous red carpets and wooden balconies. There are several watchtowers overlooking the frosty plains biome and the village below.

Seed: 3294028757781267900

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Here is a huge map that includes both a Renaissance-era castle and a village that reflects the aesthetics of the medieval times. This Minecraft castle is made in the style of a guild rather than a defense fortress.

The creator of the Ironwell, AlfansosRevenge, noted that this Minecraft castle seed is best viewed with the help of Ozocraft mod, which you can find here.

Installing Ozocraft is not necessary; however, the blocks look much nicer and provide the right kind of atmosphere. You can also just use it as it is and apply your own texture packs to the map of Ironwell.

What is your favorite Minecraft castle seed? Share your own seeds and maps inside the comments.