Virtual reality gaming is the future of the video game industry. After all these years of controlling iconic characters, it is almost time to become them yourself. Which ones do you most want to become?

Video Game characters we would love to control in VR

Virtual reality gaming is the future of the video game industry. After all these years of controlling iconic characters, it is almost time to become them yourself. Which ones do you most want to become?
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Virtual reality is coming; there is no denying it. Whether you are a fan of the HTC Vive, the PSVR or the Oculus Rift, it is hard not to be excited about the potential these devices hold. The thought of putting on a helmet and taking on the persona of some of the most beloved characters in video game history is chilling. I can already feel the goose bumps!

Now, I am not saying these devices will be a success right off the bat. They are sure to have their shortcomings and their launch problems. However, the fact that these VR devices are almost ready for retail is an achievement in and of itself. If VR is to truly tap its full potential, then it will allow us to become our favorite game characters when we don these devices. Which characters are we most excited about?

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Master Chief

Halo has to be on the minds of people looking to invest in the Oculus Rift. Put on the headset and become Master Chief, that is a beautiful thought. If this comes to fruition, then how can anybody be upset about VR? There would be nothing better than slaughtering grunts in virtual reality. Unfortunately, there would be nothing more frightening than running from a large amount of the flood in virtual reality so this won’t be for the weak at heart either.

Master Chief would be a huge selling point, one we may not see for a while, but it would be wise to allow Rift users the ability to don the helmet and become the Master Chief from a first person perspective.

Boba Fett/Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader

Ok, I know that’s three characters in one slide, but it is within the same game. Lucky for any Star Wars and VR fan, this dream is likely to become a reality. Star Wars Battlefront has already been announced as an exclusive title for PSVR. That’s right, you will be able to don the cape of the dark lord of the Sith or even use the force as the chosen one. The thought of flying around as Boba Fett in VR is totally awesome and slightly nauseating.

Not much has been revealed about Star Wars Battlefront for PSVR, but it is sure to be amongst the more popular VR titles. Be on the lookout for more details surrounding this exclusive title.

Vault Dweller - Fallout

Sure to be one of the more frightening experiences would be the virtual reality experience of becoming a vault dweller in Fallout. Personally, I would never try this due to my intense fear of gigantic bugs and the fact that if I saw a death claw in front of my face I would probably have a heart attack. However, imagine being in power armor while in a battle against some synths or ghouls. This would be extremely hard to pull off, and I actually don’t expect this to happen at all, but a vault dweller from Fallout would be very high on the list of most desirable virtual reality experiences for most gamers. Taking on the wasteland in virtual reality would be quite the spectacle.


Every kid's dream is to explore the land of Hyrule as Link, the legendary Hylian warrior. I know Nintendo has no plans currently of throwing their hat in the VR ring, but a guy can hope. I think the possibility of playing Ocarina of Time in a virtual reality setting would appeal to tons of gamers everywhere. A first person Legend of Zelda game that puts you in the hero’s boots would be groundbreaking and refreshingly new for the series.

Like I said, Nintendo has no plans for VR, but you never know. Other great Nintendo characters that could work would be Mario and Samus. Here is to hoping Nintendo has something VR related up their sleeve for the not too distant future.


Uh, Duh?

What characters would you most like to become in virtual reality? The options could be endless, and that is awesome. VR can change the video game industry for the better, and it has the opportunity to bring the business to brand new heights. It is officially time to get excited. One day you could be storming Hoth in Battlefront and the next you could be slaying an elite with an energy sword. Either way, the prospects are exciting, and the VR experience is right around the corner. Get ready for the revolution.

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