What 10 of your favorite characters’ property would cost IRL

Uh-oh. Another article full of useless information about people and places that don't really exist. Enjoy!

Uh-oh. Another article full of useless information about people and places that don't really exist. Enjoy!

If you’ve ever wondered what Aerith’s home would cost, or maybe Jabba the Hutt’s “palace”, you should probably keep reading this. Maybe you haven’t wondered, but for all intents and purposes let’s just pretend you DO wonder. 

Enjoy imagining what it would be like to build Thor’s castle or swim through Lara Croft’s indoor pool.   

This entire article is full of useless information and meant for pure entertainment. Please. For the love of god, don’t take this too seriously.    

1. Aerith’s Home


Image Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

Final Fantasy VII remains a favorite for many and thanks to this article, its die-hard fans now get the chance to find out what Aerith’s home would cost to buy. Sorry guys, but it’s not as cheap as you might have suspected. Aerith’s home tops out at $1.8 million, a high price for a 1,176 sq ft home! 

2.Tony Stark’s Mansion


Image Source: Marvel Cinematic Universe wiki

The notorious billionaire bad boy’s property was estimated to be around 25,000 sq ft, putting its worth at around $117.2 million. According to Movoto, Stark’s house is worth doubly more than Wayne manor. Rightly so for a character known for his self absorbed attitude and narcissism. We all know him and love him regardless- or do we?   

3. Goku’s House


Image Source: the Mary Sue

You best believe Goku is being mentioned in this list. His 330 sq. ft home located just outside of Mount Paozu would be perfect for anyone seeking a haunt in the mountains. A dwelling of that size and located on a Paozu-like mountain would cost around $43 thousand. 

 4. Bag End 


Image Source: Geek Girl Pen Pals

Being the home of a 3 ft tall hobbit, one would imagine Bilbo’s dwelling would be around the same square footage as Goku or Aerith’s. Hobbit’s don’t need much space anyway, right? Not so. Bilbo’s home would most likely be around 4,500 sq. ft, boasting amenities such as 3 bedrooms, a parlor, a sitting room, a kitchen, a drawing room, a study, a dining room and a number of cellars and pantries. The price for a hobbit’s version of comfort? $1.33 Million.

5. Lara Croft’s Manor


Image Source: Tomb Raider Forums

The tomb raider has a home that the Queen of England might consider kicking back and relaxing in. Housing a training room, a gymnasium, an indoor pool and a library (and that’s just on top of everything else), the Croft manor is a force to be reckoned with coming in at 75,000 sq ft. Lara could fit an entire football field into her home if she wanted to. The estimated price? $43.2 Million. 

6. Jabba The Hutt’s Palace


Image Source: Star Wars Wiki

Originally a monastery for the B’omarr Order, Jabba the Hutt’s palace came into his hands after forcing Alkhara (the preceding bandit king of the palace) to give up his reign and flee off Tatooine. The Hutt’s home contains a throne room, a sail barge hangar, B’omarr meditation cells, dungeons, a communication dome, etcetera. Let’s not forget Jabba’s pet Rancor, a necessary security measure against his enemies and naysayers. The approximate price for Jabba’s palace comes in at $44.6 million.   

7. Thor’s Castle


Image Source: Marvel Wiki

Thor’s castle, perhaps the largest piece of property on this list (don’t tell Tony Stark), is around 259,410 sq. ft and holds 540 rooms! At 6’6” and 640 pounds, it’s no wonder he needs so much damn space.  The price for Thor’s castle would be around $212.7 million, not quite as much as one might expect of such a massive place, but definitely not your typical vacation home price range.  

8. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude


Image Source: Superman Wiki

The Fortress of Solitude was constructed from literally 141,300 sq. ft of pure Kryptonian crystal. If a real world version of this fortress had been constructed, it would cost roughly $814 trillion dollars. You might want to take a moment to dab the sweat off your forehead.   

 9. Tenzin’s House


Image Source: Movoto

For the Legend of Korra fan: at 1,596 sq. ft, Avatar Aang’s son, Tenzin, lives in a comfortable space (though Bilbo Baggins would disagree). Still, for a house that isn’t much larger than a one or two bedroom, $863 thousand is a little expensive (unless you live in New York or Washington D.C.). 

10. Bob’s Restaurant


Image Source: AV Club

With only about 2,058 sq ft, the Belchers aren’t doing too bad on utilizing space. As we all know, the top level of the building is where they live and the bottom level is where they run their restaurant. The amenities are 3 bedrooms, 1 customer bathroom, the restaurant and kitchen, the basement, 1 living room, 1 private bathroom, upstairs dining room and more. Bob’s Burgers worth? About $796 thousand.

What do you think? What is your dream fictional home to live in? 

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