Where to Find the Best Minecraft Seeds

If you're looking for seeds of any time for your next Minecraft adventure, look no further than these seed websites!

If you're looking for seeds of any time for your next Minecraft adventure, look no further than these seed websites!

Minecraft is honestly one of the biggest and most popular video games ever released. The concept is so incredibly simple: the player just needs to have an imagination to build anything and everything conceivable. Seeds are a great starting point for any Minecraft venture, but finding the good ones can sometimes be difficult. 

A quick Google search would bring you to a few sites that compile seeds, but this article should point you to the very best in even less time. The more options you have, the more chances there are for finding the very best seed. So let’s go over some your options for finding new seeds — there are even more than we have listed here, believe me!

Minecraft Seeds Subreddit

As you might expect, the Reddit Minecraft community is ever-toiling to bring new discoveries to other players, and that includes showing off some notable seeds. Though this isn’t the easiest way to browse through seeds of different types, you can always find a steady stream of new, unique seeds to load up from this community. Check it out!


Oof, that’s a mouthful. Despite its unwieldy name, there’s little to complain about in MCPEDL’s selection of mods, maps, skins, and most importantly seeds.

This site focuses on content for Bedrock Edition, which means the seeds may be a little different if you’re playing on Java or PlayStation 4, but the site is still well-worth browsing through for a whole world of seeds to try out.

Minecraft Seed HQ

The name says it all here! This website features nothing but seed after seed of all sorts, and it has selections for both Java and Bedrock Edition players.

What’s best about Minecraft Seed HQ is the amount of information you get about a seed upfront, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. This is probably one of the better options for pickier players. Less guessing about the contents of a seed before you get in there!


After going through the last site’s seed selections and getting blown away by the amount of info you get before you even load one up, Minecraft-seeds.net may not seem all that great — but the site’s up and downvoting feature gives you an idea of how interesting or worthwhile a seed is before you hop in there, which is convenient on its own. You can also sort by version, which is pretty great if you ask me.


Is it a little weird to include ourselves here? Yeah, maybe… but maybe not, considering we are in fact one of the Minecraft community’s biggest sources for seed lists!

Our monthly Minecraft seed lists are always huge hits and are carefully curated by our lovely Minecraft-loving writers, and our specific seed lists (Want some buried treasure seeds? How about some mesa or desert seeds?) are also selected and written by our obsessed players. Why not give our Minecraft seed articles a shot!


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