What better way is there to kick off the holidays than with some holiday-inspired cosplays of some iconic anime and video game characters we all know and love?

Winter Wonderland: A Holiday Cosplay Gallery

What better way is there to kick off the holidays than with some holiday-inspired cosplays of some iconic anime and video game characters we all know and love?

What better way is there to spread the holiday cheer than with some awesome, holiday-inspired cosplay? No matter what you celebrate at this time of the year, I think we can all agree that tis the season for crafty cosplay. So let's take a look at some of the great holiday cosplay and the creative people that bring it to us!

Cosplayers: Girl By Daylight Cosplay, Zuli's Cosplay, Amie Hart Cosplay, Coffee Queen Cosplay, Blue Shoes Cosplay, MEW21 Cosplay, Kikiama, Rennie Starks Cosplay

Photographer: Short Fuse Pinups

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Holiday Cammy White

Cosplayer: Megan Coffey

Photographer: Travis Photography

Streetfighter was a favorite of mine when I was growing up and Megan Coffey nails this awesome Cammy cosplay. The Santa hat and plaid scarf really pull the whole thing together and gives it that awesome holiday vibe.

Holiday Harley Quinn

Cosplayer: Kitty Lappin

Photographer: Alasdair Watson Photography

Oh what a lucky day to be Mista J! This fun and festive Harley Quinn cosplay is just one of a number of great pictures that can be found on Project-Nerd. I really like everything about this cosplay and would love to know where to find that hat!

Holiday Tinker Bell

Cosplayer: Lemon Bell Cosplay

Photographer: Madonia Photography

Tink's looking to spread a bit of holiday cheer with her festive outfit. Lemon Bell Cosplay is hands down the best Tinker Bell cosplay I think I've ever seen and everything about the outfit feels so natural (I mean, besides having wings and all).

Remus Lupin Cosplay - Harry Potter

Cosplayer: Unknown

Photographer: Lilta-photo

I didn't forget about you lovely lady readers out there, don't worry. With mugs of butterbeer in hand and plenty of sweets to snack on, this Cosplayer captures the Potterverse holiday vibe. I might just have to try my hand at making one of the many butterbeer recipes floating around on the web.

Holiday Ahri Cosplay

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri

Photographer: Martin Wong

It wouldn't be a cosplay list if Jessica Nigri didn't make an appearance on it in some form or fashion. Whether you're a fan or not you have to admit that she does some great League of Legends cosplays and this one is no exception.

Grimmjow - Bleach

Cosplayer: Squirrelosaurus-Rex

Photographer: Etched Era Photography

Sure, the guy he's cosplaying as is kinda a sadistic and evil jerk but you have to admit, he does have some of that pretty boy charm going for him. Maybe he's like an onion and deep down under a number of layers Grimmjow is actually a really nice guy...

Candy Cane Miss Fortune - League of Legends

Cosplayer: Feoranna Cosplay

Photographer: Riley Miner

Miss Fortune was one of the first champs I played many years ago when I first heard of League of Legends and this cosplay is very well done. I guess if I was going to nitpick any is that there is a distinct lack of candy cane pistols but I won't hold it against her.

A Sesshomaru Christmas - Inuyasha

Cosplayer & Photographer: LALASOSU2

Another first for me was watching Inuyasha late night on Adult Swim growing up so of course, I had to find a holiday inspired cosplay for it. This is a spot on cosplay and was featured on the front page of DeviantArt -- which I think was well earned.

The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who

Cosplayers: xHee-Heex & hopie-chan

Photographer: Pancake-Mix

What better way than to finish off our slideshow than with the stars of the popular holiday movie The Grinch? Both of these costumes are very well done and true to the characters. I hope that these photos helped to get you into the holiday spirit and brought a smile to your day.

What other holiday cosplays do you think should be on the list? Got one you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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