Worst Dads in gaming.

Worst Dads In Video Games

Worst Dads in gaming.

Since Father's Day is the day to celebrate the best fathers, the days after Father's Day should be the day to celebrate the worst dads.

For this list I am talking about the worst dads in video games. To make this list, the dad must originate in video games and not be from a video game adaptation of a pre-existing dad.

Some of these might contain spoilers, so be warned. 

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Kratos - God of War

Don't you hate it when your Dad brutally murders you by accident because a Greek God thinks it would make him the perfect warrior? Yeah me too. Kratos is covered by the ashes of his wife and child permanently turning his skin ghostly white as a reminder of his sins. He goes on a rampage throughout Olympus because of this act, instead of trying to save his family's souls from the underworld. Talk about anger issues.....

Red's Dad - Pokémon Red and Blue

He isn't there for you while growing up and actively encourages children to go on adventures with dangerous cataclysmic animals throughout the country unsupervised. Yup that's Red's Dad for you. He leaves Red's Mom all alone after you go out on your journey too and unlike in Earthbound, you never hear from him. 

Bowser - Super Mario

What type of Dad drops their kid off in the middle of a dungeon to face off against their arch foe? The same turtle monster that allows his children to fight in Smash. Bowser has been throwing his children into deadly situations for years and they have been getting stomped by the Italian plumber every time. If only we knew who their mother was.....

Booker DeWitt - Bioshock Infinite

Arguably the most realistic game on this list, and Booker sells his child. Sure he gets her back eventually in a parallel dimension but that doesn't change the fact that he SOLD his child, a mistake that he pays for dearly. 

The Great Deku Tree - Ocarina of Time

The father of all Kokiri and Link might protect the realm of light but that doesn't excuse him from being a good dad. He allow monsters to creep into the village and when link needs the forest stone, he makes him go though a dungeon inside of him instead of giving him weapons and the stone and sending him off on his journey. 



Who do you think is the worst dad? Are there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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