World War games are back and here are some series from the past that should make a return on current generation platform!

WWII Series That Developers Should Definitely Bring Back

World War games are back and here are some series from the past that should make a return on current generation platform!

After months of rumors and speculations, it’s finally official. Call of Duty will be making its return to the World War II era with Call of Duty: WWII. While Call of Duty was known for being the World War II shooter, they weren’t the only one making World War II games back then.

So, before developers start jumping on the bandwagon of World War II games, here are a few World War II series/games that should definitely make a comeback on current-gen platforms.

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Medal of Honor

Back in the heyday of World War II shooters, Call of Duty was the go-to choice if you wanted action-packed gameplay. But if you wanted a WWII game with a solid storyline, then Medal of Honor was the game for you.

The Medal of Honor series was known for its strong storylines, particularly in the first three games, as it was written and envisioned by Steven Spielberg. If EA can bring back Steven Spielberg to helm a new Medal of Honor, it would definitely be able to compete with Call of Duty in terms of epic storylines.

The Commandos

World War II games more often than not, puts you in the boots of a soldier who’s going through the front lines of war. The Commandos, however, puts you behind enemy lines and forces players for a more stealthy approach.

The Commandos series was an isometric real-time tactics game where you play through missions that are loosely based on historical events during World War II. The Commandos had a cult following that lead to multiple releases but its last release saw the developers changing the series into a first-person shooter, which did not resonate with fans.

A return to form with the real-time tactics and stealth approach towards gameplay is the series to be back in the forefront.

Brothers in Arms

A majority of the WWII shooters released back then were often focused on the minute-to-minute gameplay or epic storylines. Brothers in Arms, however, chose the tactical shooter route and stood out for it.

Instead of the typical run-and-gun combat, Brothers in Arms wanted players to focus on the teamwork that’s needed in a world war setting. This was further emphasized by the developers intentionally reducing the accuracy of guns to exemplify the difficulty of shooting moving targets.

The series was often lauded as one of the best World War II gaming experiences and if Gearbox were to bring it back, it would definitely make the hardcore fans of the series happy.

The Saboteur

While it’s common to see a shooter or a real-time strategy game based on the WWII-era setting, it’s rare to see it as an open-world adventure game. Pandemic Studios took on that challenge with The Saboteur, one of the few games that take the world war 2 setting beyond the trenches.

Taking place during the Nazi-occupied Paris and certain parts of Germany, The Saboteur uses a unique gameplay mechanic whereby areas that players have not liberated are in black and white and will regain color as they weaken the Nazi’s control of the area.

With its distinct sense of style and a different take on the WWII setting, The Saboteur deserves another sequel or a spiritual successor on modern platforms.

Honorable mention:

Company of Heroes

An honorable mention goes out to Company of HeroesMedal of Honor and Call of Duty may have occupied the shooter genre, but Company of Heroes made its mark in the real-time strategy genre.

Known for its gameplay mechanics that are both in-depth and addictive, the first Company of Heroes was often cited as one of the best RTS games of its time and received numerous awards and acclaims. While a sequel was released in 2013, plenty of fans and reviewers felt that Company of Heroes 2 was more of expansion rather than a full-fledged sequel.

Hopefully, the renewed interest in World War II games would entice Relic Entertainment to churn out another Company of Heroes.

Now that Call of Duty and Battlefield are taking the series back to the past, it could lead to a renaissance of World War I and World War II era games. Hopefully, we’ll see developers bringing back some of these awesome series to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One generation.

Are there any series that you would like to see make a return? Share it in the comments below!

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