Yu-Gi-Oh!: 11 Best Cards From Rising Rampage

Rising Rampage, the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion, is finally available in North America, and here are some of the best new cards that will define the meta.

Rising Rampage, the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion, is finally available in North America, and here are some of the best new cards that will define the meta.
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The 10th Series of the official Yu-Gi-Oh! card game is almost complete with the latest Rising Rampage expansion. After the success of Dark Neostorm there is a huge demand for new archetypes, which is understandable, since the meta has been over-saturated with several extremely overpowered decks.

Rising Rampage offers 100 new cards with support for such new archetypes like Marincess and Tenyi, and several well-established ones like Dragunity, Fortune Lady, and Witchcrafter.

The new Marincess combo deck feels especially strong with the introduction of several new Marincess water monsters, but there are a few other cards that will definitely inspire you to create even better versions of an already existing archetypes.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

Since Apollousa is a link card, you can't play it on its own and it needs to be supported by at least two other monster materials. Every time you link summon it each monster card will give it 800 points of ATK, which equals 1600 if you summon two monsters.

This means that every time you summon a monster material it will gain extra 800 damage. But that's not all, as every time you do that Apollousa will be able to negate any monster activation on your opponent's side.

Obviously, such powerful effects carry certain restrictions, and you can't have more than one Apollousa on board. But you can always put other cards near her, and add more power to your game in that way.

Witchcrafter Golem Aruru

The new Witchrafter card is great not only for the given archetype, but for any kind of Spellcaster decks. But of course, other Witchcrafter cards synergize with Aruru especially well.

For example, you can play it alongside Witchrafter Haine or Madame Verre. In this case your Spellcaster cards will be protected from any card effects your opponents may control. On top of that, Aruru can return any Witchcrafter card from your graveyard if you special summon it.

Altergeist players will have a lot of fun playing with Aruru, even though her level is pretty high. If she was at seven instead of eight, she'd be perfect.

Marincess Marbled Rock

The new Marincess card has all the traits required for a new combo, which would be competitive in a tournament play.

Here's how you can execute the Marincess combo in Yu-Gi-Oh!:

  1. Summon Marincess Blue Slug
  2. Summon Marincess Sea Horse
  3. Link into Marincess Sea Angel
  4. Use an extender card (eg. Sea Archiver)
  5. Summon Marincess Coral Anemone
  6. Use Coral effect
  7. Create Crystal Heart using your water monsters
  8. Link into Marincess Marbled Rock

As a result, you will end up with Marincess that has 4500 ATK and a Field Spell. When it moves to the Field Zone, you will have the entire game at your full control.

Fortune Lady Every

Lady Every's ATK power equals to her level times 400. This means that her initial ATK equals 2800, which is pretty good to begin with. But with each turn her power only grows by one level, which equals 3200 on turn two, 3600 on turn three, etc..

This means that you opponents will focus pretty much entirely on removing Lady Every from the board. That's why she also has some graveyard synergies, since that's where she'll be spending a lot of time.

When she returns from the graveyard you can banish any other monster an opponent controls, and that's where your opponents will start questioning their decision whether it is necessary to remove her at all.

Get Out!

Get Out! is the first trap on this list and arguably the best trap in the entire Rising Rampage expansion. This is not a continuous trap card just a normal one, but what a powerhouse it is.

This trap is specifically designed to target monsters that have been special summoned from opponent's extra deck. Get Out! can shuffle two such cards back into an opponent's deck. This trap can be activated only once per turn.

Get Out! is fantastic against big monsters that can protect themselves from the effect of destruction, but not from being shuffled back into the deck. So this trap would clearly be welcome in almost any current deck.

Marincess Coral Anemone

This is the second Marincess variant in the Rising Rampage expansion. Coral Anemone synergizes really well with Marbled Rock in a highly competitive combo, which was mentioned earlier.

Coral Anemone generally has lower stats and slightly less powerful effects than Marbled Rock, but if you want to execute the Frog Marincess combo, then you most definitely need both of these cards.

In other words, this is an excellent support card for any Marincess archetype as long as you have it in your hand.

Shaman of the Tenyi

When building a deck for the new meta, it is important to consider how it'll work with the previously released cards.

The new Teniy monster works really well with Mare Mare from Invasion: Vengeance. It can be returned from the graveyard by Teniy, create a Mini Mare token, and then destroy one of the opponent monsters when it attacks.

It's a simple yet effective combo that can be repeated every turn. It is also possible to create three tokens at once and have a significant attacking power on the board very early in the match-up.

Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher

Gizmek offers players several summoning techniques, which is unusual for a monster of such high level.

You can either banish eight cards from your deck face down and special summon it, or you can banish three cards from your extra deck and special summon it. But in the latter case you also have the chance to destroy another monster on the battlefield, which is a really nice addition to the summoning mechanic.

This is a really powerful card that can be played in any Orochi deck, and it will most definitely wreck havoc as soon as you play it either from your hand or graveyard.

Marincess Blue Slug

If Marincess Marbled Rock is the boss of the Marincess Frog combo, and Marincess Coral Anemone is the assistant, then Marincess Blue Slug is the main inspiration, because without this little water monster you can't even start the combo.

It's the very first card that you play and link into other water monsters from your deck to achieve that explosive Marbled Rock turn in the end.

It's not a strong card per se, but it is absolutely necessary since the main idea behind the card is to initiate the comboand what happens to it next. Whether it gets destroyed or not doesn't matter that much.

Dragunity Knight - Romulus

You don't see Dragunity link monsters that often in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and the reason is that Dragunity archetype does't really need one. So what's so special about Romulus?

If you summon a monster from your extra deck, you can put another dragon from your hand onto the field in defense position. In that case all its effects will be negated, which could nullify any discard or other unnecessary triggers that Guardragons or other Dragunities might have.

This means that Romulus is actually a fantastic link Dragunity that can spawn a brand new archetype in the upcoming meta.

Fortune Lady Calling

Fortune Ladies archetype has got two excellent new cards in Rising Rampage. One of them is Fortune Lady Every, which was mentioned earlier, and another one is this spell that can summon one Fortune Lady card from your deck with a different name than the one you may already control.

This type of effect is really powerful, especially if you're looking for a card that is required to finish an action or even an entire combo.


Obviosuly, Konami has given the biggest support to Marincess archetype in Rising Rampage, but hopefully many other new decks will emerge in the current meta as well.