Fallout 4 teams up with Rock Band 4 for free DLC

You'll be able to wear the Vault 111 suit on your characters in Rock Band 4 soon!

It's no surprise to anybody that Fallout 4 has been an incredible success thus far, so it's no surprise that blockbusters like Rock Band 4 want to get in on the action. Harmonix has teamed up with Bethesda to offer Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fans the ability to dress up their rockers in clothes straight out of the Wasteland. 

On December 8th, Rock Band 4 will be introducing the new gear as a free download after the game updates. It's a pretty interesting addition for fans of both games, but one I can't say anyone really saw coming in particular. But it definitely makes sense that companies are vying to cash in on such an incredibly popular game.

Steve Janiak, the CEO of Harmonix had this to say about the small collaboration between the two companies:

Rock Band’s character creator has always provided our players a way to live out their rock and roll fantasies, and we’re excited Rock Band 4 allows us to expand those fantastic possibilities by adding new assets to it, highlighted by the Vault 111 Suit. I’ve been a Fallout fan since the beginning. Playing some of the amazing songs in our Rock Band catalog with a band of Vault dwellers is something we think you’ll find is crazy fun.”

It's not the first time we've seen games teaming with Fallout 4 though, with Forza Motorsport 6 offering a Fallout-themed vehicle in a similar fashion. We probably haven't seen the last of the crossovers with Bethesda's game!

How do you feel about the crossover between Fallout 4 and Rock Band 4? Do you want to see the game in collaboration with anything else? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Nov. 27th 2015

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