Anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom Updates Content

Aeria Games has announced an update for their anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom. Gamers asked for better combat fluidity and harder leveling. The content includes new challenges, quests and bosses?

MMORPG anime creator Aeria Games and developer XLegend recently announced the latest content update for their popular and entertaining game Aura Kingdom. They provided no firm date for the release of the new content. Anime lovers and interested gamers can get a look at the new content and read the latest news on the game here. The developers are giving away anime prizes and starting entertaining and fun contests all the time.

Aura Kingdom is fun to play and the anime characters are spectacular to view, but players have been asking for a content upgrade for a few months. This new patch debuts new challenges, quests, and bosses. Complaints in the past center around fluidity of game play and easy leveling in the game. Hopefully, they have managed to increase fluidity of combat and made it more difficult to level up.

X-Legend games Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal are popular and have stunning anime characters and style. Aura Kingdom, according to the publisher and developer, is doing even better in terms of people playing. This latest content upgrade will have to give players the changes they have asked for, if the number of people playing Aura Kingdom is to increase. I will bring you the news on the results of the content upgrade once gamers have their say.


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Published Feb. 13th 2014

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