The Best Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Mods (So Far)

Use Any Skill With Any Weapon

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Wolcen's gameplay is so unique for myriad reasons. But one of its bright spots is also, paradoxically, one of its dimmest.

Yes, you can essentially switch from mage to fighter to ranger/rogue just by swapping your weapon and changing your corresponding skills, but those skills are all tied to specific weapon types.

That means multi-classing is much less viable here than in other games, especially since you can't use traditional mage skills while wielding a sword.

But what if you want to summon hordes of pets while also wielding a two-handed weapon? In the base game, you simply can't, but this mod removes all weapon-to-skill restrictions.

Now you can be a pistol-wielding mage, a teleporting berserker, or any other combo that strikes your fancy.

Published Mar. 12th 2020

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