Shovel Knight's amiibo gets a release date

Shovel Knight amiibo's release date has been set!

Get ready Shovel Knight fans -- the long awaited amiibo for the game has a set release date. The amiibo is set for release on January 8th for $12.99. Unlike some amiibos that may have unlocked something in-game that you could care less about, Shovel Knight's amiibo brings with it a bunch of new content for the game. New challenge stages are made available, as well as customization options! 

The main feature that this amiibo brings to Shovel Knight is the brand new co-op mode. That's right. Now you and a friend can play through the epic adventures of Shovel Knight together! Players will also have the choice to play through the campaign as either the default Shovel Knight or the Custom Knight.

There will be a variety of new relics to collect, abilities to gain, and cool powers to learn. These new elements will come into play in the brand new challenge modes.

The amiibo can also be leveled up the more you play the game. The higher you level the amiibo, the more you can customize it.

The amiibo works on both the 3DS and Wii U versions. However, a few of the features this amiibo provides are Wii U exclusive. The co-op mode is only available for the Wii U, as are some of the co-op based challenge modes.

The Shovel Knight will also be the first amiibo made for a third-party game. So make sure to pick it up and add to the already awesome game.


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Published Dec. 7th 2015

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