Super Mario 64 Glitch Hunter Solves Mystery of the Impossible Coin

We thought that everything in Super Mario 64 had been discovered. We were so wrong.

While we spend our time anticipating upcoming next-gen titles, YouTuber UncommentatedPannen prefers to keep it old school. The Nintendo 64 sleuth spends his time combing the world of Super Mario 64 for bugs, glitches, and other weird phenomena.

In a new video (which you can watch below), UncommentatedPannen describes the notorious "impossible coin," and explains exactly why and how it's missing from the game. In short, mystery solved!

The video is best summed up in the words of its creator, who described the endeavor like this:

I show that there's yet another impossible coin in the game, located in the huge version of Tiny-Huge Island. Specifically, there's a coin spawner there that's intended to spawn 5 coins in a horizontal line on the ground. However, this coin spawner's located under the ground, causing the most uphill coin to not load properly. In particular, this coin spawns about 49 units below the ground, triggering a failsafe that causes the coin to immediately unload. Currently, there's no known way to collect this coin.

For more Super Mario 64 madness, be sure to check out UncommentatedPannen's Youtube channel. You might just learn something you never knew about this N64 classic!

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Published Oct. 30th 2016

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