These Graphic Novels Need Video Game Adaptations


Blankets is a graphic novel by Craig Thompson that chronicles the author's experiences of growing up while trying to understand himself, his dynamics with his family, and his own relationship with Christianity. Based on art style alone, Blankets deserves to be a video game thanks to its minimalistic yet powerful visual style. However, it is the powerful story that it is able to tell that best suits Blankets to an interactive medium. 

Blankets would perhaps work best as a side-scrolling platformer, similar to a game like Inside. What the game would lack in complicated mechanics it would make up for with a deep, compelling narrative. Through the actions of the main character, players would be able to explore the complexities of Craig's coming-of-age. What Blankets does best is deliver a truly raw emotional experience, and being able to play through that experience would create something unforgettable. 

Published Jun. 27th 2017

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