These Graphic Novels Need Video Game Adaptations

Black Hole

Black Hole is a graphic novel set in an alternative 1970s America where a mysterious epidemic has been let loose that physically mutates those affected by it. The disease is solely sexually transmitted, creating a wealth of division between those affected and those that aren't. It's important to note that Black Hole is not focused on trying to eradicate the epidemic, but rather is focused on navigating the difficult social intricacies of teenage life. 

Black Hole, despite its setting, is a timeless work that highlights the gross cruelty of high school life with a supernatural abstraction. By looking through the lens of physical mutation, Charles Burns is able to deliver a story that successfully tackles American teenage life and its many paradoxes. 

Black Hole could see a video game adaptation most akin to a Telltale adventure game. After all, the emphasis of Black Hole'narrative is on its character and the dynamics between them. Focusing on the interactions between the characters opens up a wealth of opportunities to challenge the player.


Published Jun. 27th 2017

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