League of Legends Mastery Points system is coming to ARAM and Twisted Treeline

Riot Games has confirmed that the champion mastery system on Summoners Rift will be added to the ARAM and Twisted Treeline queues.

A Riot Games employee has confirmed that the champion mastery points system will be implemented in the future for the Twisted Treeline and ARAM game modes. Additionally, this system will also be added to League of Legend's rotating game modes as well.

"As a mostly ARAM player, I'm personally looking forward to having Champ Mastery in ARAM. ^_^ We're currently in the process of customising the Champ Mastery algorithm to accommodate the Rotating Game Mode queue and we want to look at ARAM and Twisted Treeline at the same time" -Riot L4T3NCY

How will this affect my League of Legends experience once released?

Adding the mastery system to the rest of Riot's game modes is especially important now that Hextech Crafting is released. Hextech Crafting loot is dropped through a strong performance tied to the mastery system. Since the mastery points system now gives meaningful rewards for a stellar in-game performance, adding this system to the other queues ensures that dedicated 3v3 and ARAM players are not left out. 


I once won a 50$ gift card to Chili's playing League of Legends so you could say I'm a pretty big deal.

Published Mar. 20th 2016

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