King of Fighters Launches Mobile Title King of Fighters: Survival City

King of Fighters heads to mobile devices with new entry, King of Fighters: Survival City.

King of Fighters continues to fight on in the mobile space as King of Fighters: Survival City from publisher JOYCITY launches today on Android and iOS. A "survival brawler", the game takes fighting and adds some strategy in an MMO setting.

Summon fighters like Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Maxima and more as they dive into the story of K'. NESTS, the corporation striving to create genetically enhanced fighters, features heavily throughout the game. While it is known that K' reluctantly fights against NESTS, this deep dive into his story could shed more light. 

Each character comes complete with their own movesets and unique dialogue. Battle against NESTS operatives, Cyborgs, and rogue fighters with others from around the globe; or instead take on other players in PvP. Making allies and putting together various strategies will be needed to defeat all that the NESTS syndicate throws at you. 

A fully realized King of Fighters themed world, fans of the franchise will soak in all the nostalgia. First debuting in 1994 in arcades, the SNK game has been a staple of the fighting genre but has breached into other areas over the past few years as the franchise fleshes out. For more on King of Fighters, check out our various game pages and stay tuned for more news and updates on King of Fighters: Survival City.

Featured Image via JOYCITY


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Published Mar. 9th 2023

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