Dragon Age: Inquisition Announced, Morrigan Headlining

Dragon Age 3 has been announced for the upcoming console generation, with Morrigan providing the challenge for players to step up to face the

As a long-time fan of the Dragon Age series, it is extremely exciting to be able to share the announcement of Dragon Age: Inquisition.  In the last couple of games we have been introduced to the world of Dragon Age, saved the nation of Ferelden from the threat of a full-scale blight by defeating the archdemon leading it (with varying consequences based on the player's choices over the game's course), and championed the city of Kirkwall as it feels the pressure of an entire community wanting freedom facing the desperate attempts at control from a fanatical order willing to do anything for the greater good.

Now we have a new entry in the saga to look forward to, with Dragon Age: Inquisition being announced for the upcoming console generation under no specific console's library.  Morrigan was a key character of the first game, Dragon Age: Origins, and those who have played through that game are aware that her role at least potentially extends beyond that single game in a potentially massive way.

Fitting, then, that she provides the narration inviting players to partake in the new adventure in the Dragon Age universe.

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Published Aug. 1st 2013

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