Outfox Your Foes with Gray Fox in Elder Scrolls: Legends Jaws of Oblivion Expansion

Jaws of Oblivion introduces the Gray Fox card alongside more than 75 other new cards and a new mechanic.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is getting another substantial content update with Jaws of Oblivion. The update will bring new mechanics, new effects, and one very special new card to the fold: the Gray Fox. You can see the new card below. 

The Gray Fox is a five-magicka 4/4 card that lets you take both information and cards from your foe.

Bethesda Community Manager Christian Van Hoose offers some advice for how to use those powers effectively:

As far as The Gray Fox’s effect goes, it’s sure to give your opponent problems by letting you take a card right from their discard pile when it’s summoned ... [and] if The Gray Fox is able to Pilfer (damage your opponent), you’ll also be able to reveal a random card in their hand.

The Grey Fox is just part of the new Jaws of Oblivion expansion, which launches October 8 and focuses on Mehrunes Dagon’s Daedric plane of Oblivion. Here's some of what it'll introduce to the game:

  • Over 75 new cards set around the events of the Oblivion Crisis, including tumultuous new Daedra cards
  • A fiery new playmat
  • Two new premade Theme Decks – Mankar’s Paradise and Martin Septim’s Ascendance
  • Four new card backs
  • New music and visual effects
  • New Invade mechanic that summons otherworldly Oblivion Gates, giving your Daedric creatures more power the more you Invade

Those who pre-order the $49.99 expansion before its October 8 launch date will receive 50 Jaws of Oblivion card packs, a special card back, and "The Herald."

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android. 


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Published Oct. 3rd 2019

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