E3 2014 - Ori and The Blind Forest

Microsoft and Moon Studios bring us an all new exclusive indie 2D platformer Ori and The Blind Forest.

During Microsoft's E3 presentation yesterday, we were introduced to an Xbox exclusive new indie 2D platformer called Ori and The Blind Forest. This gorgeous game will be coming this Fall to Xbox One and PC.

Moon Studios has delivered a soft and attractive art style in its gameplay. It's fluidity accompanied by stunning chords of music are much to be desired. The use of color is bountiful in its rich graphics that I could just stare at the game and not need to even play.

What little we do know about Ori and The Blind Forest is that it's a puzzle platformer featuring some fighting with some influences from works of Hayao Miyazaki, Super Meat Boy, Limbo, and Metroid. Miyazaki's influences are felt in the hand-drawn colorful environments and within the theme, for which he is most well known for: dealing with that of life, death, and nature.

Moon Studios has been working on Ori and The Blind Forest for four years. They are proud of the story they will share with players (though they share nothing on details) and are boasting at the 1080p visual experience as seen on their website.

They do clearly state on their website that the game will be shipped this Fall on Xbox One and PC, so for earlier reports of it appearing on Xbox 360 may be in error.

I am quite interested in this adorable indie game and I hope to see more on it as we get closer to its release.

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Published Jun. 10th 2014

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