Yakuza 5 - Guide to Kiyotaka's quests in Tsukimino

How many homeless were in Hokkaido in 2012? You need to know to progress in Yakuza 5.

There have been a couple of times when I've had to turn to Google to complete some things in Yakuza 5 (I'm looking at you, foreign taxi passenger), but nothing is really as baffling as the homeless Kiyotaka's tasks for you in Tsukimino.

I won't spoil the quest specifics here, but I will give you answers to the two biggest hurdles in his quest line:

  1. Where is the phone booth in the picture?
  2. How many homeless people were there in Hokkaido in 2012?

The first question is answered easily enough. The second is something you need some serious Google-fu to track down. Luckily I've already done that part.

Where is the phone booth in the picture Kiyotaka gave you?

I guess I didn't pay much attention before, but there are far more phone booths in each city than the ones that show up on your map. I guess they don't let yakuza (or pop idols) use them.

The red dot is the location of the phone booth. It's on the opposite side of the street from the opening ceremony platform.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, how many homeless were in Hokkaido in 2012?

Really couldn't believe this question.

The answer is 71.

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Published Dec. 13th 2015
  • Nick_8686
    you can also just give him booze and he will give you the photo
  • Riley_1279
    There's literally a man standing 40ft away from where you 1st meet the homeless man, whom gives you the homeless-statistic. Took me less then a minute to find.
    Generally all of the Yakuza games have situations where you have to find something, or gather more intel. Theres always random passerbys right near the quest pickup, that have the answer.

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