New Fallout 4 screenshots show off the dynamic lighting of the game

New screenshots released on Bethesda's website, showing off the lighting of the game.

Bethesda has released new screenshots of Fallout 4 on their website, showing off their Creation Engine. In the post, Bethesda talked about the advancements with the Creation Engine, and what can be done with it in Fallout 4. In the post, Bethesda said

"The new render allows us to add many more dynamic lights to every scene, and paint our surfaces with realistic materials. 

In the screenshots posted, Bethesda shows off a character wearing a rusted suit of power armor, as seen below.

Another set of screenshots shows off what the different lighting effects look like, depending on the time of day. Here we have a car near an underpass in a sickly fog and then under a bright overcast.

Bethesda also went on and list some of the visual effects added to the Creation Engine like height fog, motion blur and tiled deferred lighting.

Fallout 4 will be out on November 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and if that wasn't enough Fallout related stuff to come out on the 10th, you can also pick up a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum at your local Target store.


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Published Nov. 4th 2015

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