Nintendo NX Controller Leaked

Nintendo's nx controlled leak but, is this the final design?

Nintendo's next gen controller has allegedly been released.
The picture below is a blurry photo posted by a gaming website called Dual Pixels, which supposedly depicts the controller. 

It isn't too remarkable for images of consoles or their controllers to be leaked; however, this picture is getting a lot more attention because it seems to follow the blueprint of the Nintendo's patent that was released in December.

The controller appears to have similar features to the GamePad Wii U. Some new features have been added since the release of the patent such as a front-facing camera, a charging port on the top, speakers, and a built-in microphone.

A few gamers on Reddit have expressed that the controller may not be ideal. There don't seem to be many buttons on it, besides the D-pad. Taking away physical buttons might not be good for gamers...We love buttons. We have memes dedicated to them.

There is no mention that the controller is for the NX, but that's what most are speculating at this point. Nintendo has been keeping it hush-hush as far as what the NX will be and what this controller goes to. More information can be expected closer to E3.

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Published Mar. 21st 2016

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