Civilization 6 Update Brings Cross-Platform Cloud Saves for PC and Switch

The update implements seamless cloud saves for Switch and PC, although there is no word about iOS support yet.

Firaxis took to Twitter to announce a new update for Civilization 6 that implements cross-platform cloud saves for the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. However, there is no new info regarding the feature for iOS or PC-exclusive expansion data.

The functionality is only supported by Civilization 6's base game because the Switch version of the game does not support expansion packs as of this writing.

According to Firaxis, there is no lag between saving on one system and picking up various threads of war and diplomacy on another. The only requirements for accessing the feature across platforms is for players to:

  • Link their 2K accounts
  • Then select "multi-platform cloud save" from the in-game options

Firaxis also provided a short video detailing how to activate cross-platform saves on its official Twitter account. 

Signing up for a 2K account is free. In doing so, players are eligible for in-game rewards and updates before they are made available to those without a 2K account. Interested players can do so on 2K's website

Those that are interested can also sign up through their existing PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, or Nintendo accounts to receive additional in-game rewards.

Civilization 6 is currently not available for PlayStation 4, so this is one instance of new cross-platform support that can be enjoyed completely free from the various controversies surrounding Sony's stance on cross-platform play.

It's also a notable change in Nintendo's relationship with other developers from the isolated days of the Wii U.


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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