King's Bounty II Collector's Edition Revealed As Pre-Orders Go Live

King's Bounty II pre-orders go live along with the reveal of a collectors edition available for fans to pre-order today.

King's Bounty II from IC Entertainment and Koch Media is currently slated to launch later this year on August 24 for all platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Now, fans can finally start pre-ordering the game along with a collectors edition, if they're so keen. 

The announcement was made in a new trailer released on June 4, where IC Entertainment shows off some more of the different battlegrounds and intense turn-based strategy players can expect in King's Bounty II

For those looking to grab a physical copy of King's Bounty II, there are two options: the standard edition, which is simply the base game, or the collector's edition, which comes with an artbook, the game's soundtrack, a collectible crown, and a bevy of digital add-ons as well. 

If you've no need for a physical copy, then there are three digital editions to purchase. The day one edition, the lord's edition, and the duke's edition. It is worth noting that anyone who pre-orders the game no matter the version will get everything included in the day one edition.

While the standard edition and the duke's edition will be available after launch, the lord's edition is only available to those looking to pre-order the game. The last caveat is that the duke's edition of King's Bounty II is a Steam and Epic Games Store exclusive, so console players will miss out there. 


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Published Jun. 4th 2021

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