CryoFall Set to Leave Early Access Soon

After two years of Early Access polish, the wait for CryoFall's full release is almost over.

CryoFall, a multiplayer colony sim that has been in Early Access since April 2019 will finally have its full release later this month, launching on Steam for PC on April 29, 2021.

Developed by AtomicTorch Studio, CryoFall has spent the last two years in Early Access as the team behind it has taken that time to add multiple quality of life and content updates. AtomicTorch has also included new systems and features, such as "diplomacy/politics and faction systems," that have constantly been finely tuned ahead of the game's full release. 

The 1.0 launch promises more content for players to enjoy, as well, though according to the developer, "the core concept of CyroFall is already realized."

Those interested can check out the game's Steam demo, which allows for eight hours of playtime.

According to the studio, CryoFall is AtomicTorch Studio's third and most ambitious project yet, with development starting all the way back in 2015. 

CryoFall's unique blend of survival and RPG mechanics, all wrapped within a sci-fi simulation sandbox, has already struck a chord with many players, particularly because of how well CryoFall elicits an atmosphere that actively invites players to interact with each other. 

Look for CryoFall's full release at the end of this month. 


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Published Apr. 15th 2021

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