Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst modder unveils battle system in Minecraft

Phoenix Projects is creating a full-length Pokémon adventure for Minecraft.

The next generation of Pokémon is coming to . . . Minecraft? You read that right. Phoenix Projects is assembling a team of designers, writers, musicians, and many more to create Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst, also known as Pokémon in Vanilla Minecraft, a full-fledged adventure in the same vein as the original series.

Recently, we got our first look at the completely operational battle system on Phoenix SC’s YouTube Channel.

A promotional image for Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst.This video picks up right where the June update leaves off. Professor Cedar tells you that a man has stolen the registry for the Suliqu region, the main setting of the game. In your quest to get it back, you have a run in with two antagonistic trainers, Mabel and Melissa. In the ensuing battle, we get to check out some of the game’s completely original Pokémon in action.

From what we’ve seen from the official teaser, Cobalt & Amethyst seems to be taking an edgier route into Pokémon territory, punctuating their cave-centric preview with the tagline: “Darkness and despair in endless night . . .”

Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst is set for release in early to mid-2016, though the Alpha release is tentatively scheduled for December 2015. You can follow Phoenix Projects and check out more game updates on the Minecraft Forum.


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Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • Eric_4367
    I love it!
  • Jackson Ingram
    Doesn't it look great? I really fell in love with the idea during the battle preview when the player character is walking through the canyon-ish area.

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