Rumor: New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game Won't Involve EA or BioWare

A new Knights of the Old Republic game might be on the way, but rumors say there's some new midi-chlorians in the mix.

A new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game could be in the works, but reports suggest it could be quite different from the original two.

Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin said in a recent podcast the rumored new KOTOR game won't have EA or BioWare, maker of the first two KOTOR games, involved. Instead, an as-yet-unknown studio is leading development.

What that means for the KOTOR remake rumored to be in development alongside the KOTOR sequel is unclear, since those rumors claimed EA led production on both projects. 

As we reported following Lucasfilm Games' partnership with Ubisoft, EA is still very much in the Star Wars business, even if they aren't working on KOTOR. Bespin said EA is still working on an unannounced Star Wars project that they don't believe is Battlefront 3. It's reportedly a smaller game of some kind — so not likely Jedi Fallen Order 2 — that may (or may not) be another Star Wars: Bounty Hunter game.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]


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Published Jan. 25th 2021

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