Overwatch -- It's Been a Good Year

Game director Jeff Kaplan recaps 2016 and Overwatch's changes and hints to those on the horizon for 2017.

Today, Blizzard has shared a new developer update for Overwatch. The video, again featuring Jeff Kaplan, addresses 2016 and the game's number of content.

Kaplan begins the video noting the success that Blizzard has seen with Sombra upon her release. It was addressed that any update to Sombra may take some time. The team wants to avoid an issue that would create an overpowered character. Previously in a past update, Ana became somewhat over powered after she was perceived as being too weak. The development team does not want to repeat the same mistake.

He also goes on to confirm that new heroes are in development. Their release is dependent upon a number of factors. This requires a number of play testing and so forth. An example he refers to is the hero Genji, whom required a year and half for proper testing. This being said, he also hints that a new hero maybe ready for 2017.

More details can be found watching the video.

Fans of competitive FPS titles and Overwatch can look forward to these changes in 2017.


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Published Dec. 21st 2016

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