Shadowverse Portal site takes players into the Shadowverse ahead of launch

Prepare for the Shadowverse Soft Launch with their new Shadowverse Portal site by preparing your perfect deck.

In preparation for its soft launch this June, Shadowverse has launched a Shadowverse Portal website filled with all the cards available in the game -- plus all the changes to cards previously available during the closed beta (as you can see in this Change List.) Players also might find new terminologies in the cards or changes to the old ones. If you are uncertain what the effects are now referring to, this list of Terms might help you out.

More importantly for players, the Shadowverse Portal is not just a card wiki; it also contains a Deck Builder in which the decklists can be transferred to the game to generate those decks when Shadowverse does finally come around. Of course, the deck will be created only if you have all the required cards.

If you are interested in this new online TCG, you can find out more about it at the official website or check out the cards themselves at the Shadowverse Portal.


Published Jun. 10th 2016

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