The Illusionary Assassin - Grey

Style is often like a good kill - subtle and painless. This understated look, will breaks hearts, rather than your bank.

Life as an illusionary assassin can be hard, but that doesn't mean dressing like one has to be. None of the items in this outfit cost more than a few gold either directly from the trading post, or from armor vendors of the Order of Whispers and Vigil.

Ilia Grey, like most good mesmers, has an extensive wardrobe of outfits for various occasions, this red white and gold number is certainly one of her favourites though. Inspired in no small part by a certain assassin who's name starts with an 'E', the outfit is designed to be sexy, without being overly flamboyant. A few artistic liberties were taken with the shots (a "PH070 5-HOP" golem may have been involved), but a girl's gotta look her best for the fans!


'Traveler', 'Mercenary', 'Illusionist' -- these are but a few of Ilia's titles.


To her allies, she is known as a woman of honor and dignity, a volunteer, truth-seeker, a heroic slayer of dragons

Often Outnumbered

Her enemies have no such luxury, to them she is an illusionary assassin.

Never Alone

Haunting their fractured mind, an incessant specter that whispers - 'Grey'

Assassin Chic

  • Helm: Cabalist Hood (common drop, easily bought cheap on the TP)
  • Shoulders: Conjurer Mantle (another cheap TP purchase)
  • Chest: Whisper's Garb (Purchasable from the Order of Whispers armor merchant)
  • Gloves: Acolyte Gloves (Exotic gloves, found in chests, or bought from the TP)
  • Legs: Vigil Leggings (Purchasable from the Vigil armor merchant)
  • Boots: Winged Boots (Another bargain item, bought from the TP)

The dyes are a combination of Red (Lifesblood/Red), White (Celestial), Gold (Lemon Tint) and Brown (Cocoa/Pottery). Most of these are inexpensive and if you're a budget conscious fashionista, there are alternatives to Celestial, like "White" or "Fog".


Published Aug. 6th 2013

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