Slightly Impressive Nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series - 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards

Griffter's Slightly Impressive has been nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series for Guild Launch's Dragon Slayer Awards, and here's why.

It's that time of the year again. No, not back to school time. Alright, well yeah it's that, too. But more importantly it's Dragon Slayer Awards voting time! Griffter's Slightly Impressive seems to have impressed slightly enough to land it on the ballot for Notable Machinima or Video Series, and here's why.

Maybe Griffter's web series is on the ballot because it encompasses the whole of the category. I mean, what made his channel so famous is his WoW machinima, in which Griffter and either one or two of his friends--unless this guy has some serious voice acting skills--do comedic voice-overs for a set group of recurring World of Warcraft characters. 

Other than his WoW machinima, however, Griffter has a number of other series in which he simply provides comedic commentary for various games, including The Sims 3The Walking DeadOctodad, etc.

Seriously, this guy has a ton of videos up that don't get nearly the attention they deserve, especially those which he makes for Sims.

Yeah, that's a long video, but it's totally worth the watch. His off-the-cuff humor is like no other, and it's especially unlike the humor found in the other contenders in this category.

Also, he's kept this running humor going for way longer than would seem possible. His first video was on February 11, 2012, and since then he has amassed an astonishing 353 videos!

The best part about this guy? He's totally humble. Granted, he isn't exactly as famous as the guys at Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter, but he's on this list, isn't he? Besides, Griffter's humble demeanor made him super excited about this annual awards event.

Alright, so he's not exactly the spitting image of excitement, but that's his thing!

If you think Griffter is funny enough or unique enough to deserve your vote for Notable Machinima or Video Series, head on over to Guild Launch's voting page for the Dragon Slayer Awards and vote for him! 

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Published Aug. 6th 2014

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