Terraria 1.2 Patch Release Still Up in the Air, Redigit Shows Off Rainbow Gun

Rainbow guns, walking goldfish, and slimes with umbrellas! Am I on drugs or something?

We have seen quite a few spoilers on Terraria 1.2, but unfortunately the release date has returned to its giant question mark form. Redigit made an appearance on the Terraria Online forums yesterday and made it very clear the release date was still up in the air. But hey, rain event and rainbow gun!

Cenx mentioned three weeks ago that the update was 20 to 60 days away, but judging from Redigit's forum post we may have a bit longer to wait. The team still has to finish the following tasks:

  • Giving Hell a facelift
  • Revamping the game's dungeon(s)
  • Implementing 5 new bosses

On top of the above, they are are also working on an NPC quest system, though as Red states, this will only be included in the 1.2 patch if time allows.

Onto the good news

The rain event, which has been discussed and teased over the past month, finally makes its public appearance in the screenshot below. Just as Cenx stated before, there are walking goldfish and they do have an adorable little pimp walk.

We also get to see a new slime enemy (complete with umbrella!), the rainbow gun effect, and a new backdrop! Terraria 1.2 may not be here yet, but it's comforting to get updates like these.

Published Jul. 30th 2013

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