Preview: Flipnote Studio 3D

Preview of the new version of Flipnote Studio for the 3DS

Flipnote Studio 3D is a new free application coming to the 3DS in early August of this year.  Much like the original Flipnote Studio, users will be able to create frames for short-length animated sketches.  The main thing to note about the release of Flipnote Studio 3D is the two community services that are launching alongside the app.

Flipnote Gallery: Friends is the free service where the user will be able to share their flipnotes’ with their registered 3DS friends.  With this service the user will be able to create an online gallery for their friends to look at and use as well.  The galleries will allow up to 20 people, including the user, to participate.  Another feature is that the user will be able to comment, rate and download their favorite flipnotes.  The user can have up to two galleries open.  Galleries are available for 15 days before they close.

Flipnote Gallery: World is the paid community service where the user can share their flipnotes’ with others around the world. 

This version has two an in app currency known as Coin Points and Collector Points.  In order to be able to post comments, rate flipnotes and download flipnotes to the 3DS you must use Coin PointsCoin Points can be earned by getting good ratings on the flipnotes that you have posted.  After a certain amount of these points have been earned, the user will earn a 30 day pass for no extra charge.  Collector Points are earned by finding and rating quality flipnotes, creating a collection. 

When large amounts of users are visiting a collection, the owner will earn Collector Points.  Earn enough, and the owner may be awarded a 30 day pass at no additional charge.  The first 30 days of this service will be a free trial.  After the trial has ended, the user will need to buy a pass for 99 cents for 30 days.  During certain hours of the day, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. according to the current time on the 3DS, Flipnote Gallery: World will be available for free.


Published Jun. 4th 2013

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