Wasteland Remastered PC And Xbox Game Pass Release Date Announced

A 3D remake of the classic (pre-Fallout) post apocalyptic Desert Rangers adventure is coming next month -- and will be available free for Game Pass subscribers!

While waiting to explore the frozen Colorado landscape in the upcoming Wasteland 3, fans of this post-apocalyptic series have something else to look forward to soon. Wasteland Remastered, a remake of the classic 1988 title with a host of quality of life improvements, will arrive next month.

The Wasteland Remastered release date has now officially been set as February 25, 2020. InXile Entertainment will drop the re-release on PC via the Windows Store, Steam, and GOG platforms, as well as Xbox One on the console side.

Best of all? Wasteland Remastered is set to be included in the Game Pass service, so Xbox One players can jump in for free if they are monthly subscribers. 

The remastered version makes the leap from 2D pixels to 3D environments, but otherwise keeps the classic tale of the Desert Rangers. Based on the early screenshots, it appears all the text will finally be available in-game as well, rather than needing to refer to a separate manual like in the original release.

Are you planning on returning to the original Wasteland, or are you holding out for Wasteland 3 to drop on May 19? That next entry in the long-running franchise will also be available via Game Pass, and is currently available for pre-installation on PC.

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Published Jan. 23rd 2020

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