GTA V's free DLC Lowriders now available

Rockstar has released a free DLC for GTA V called Lowriders. The DLC introduces a motor shop focusing more on the lowriders, few missions and many updates.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to grow with the release of its latest free DLC, Lowriders. Around 1.4 GB in size, the online update is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The DLC is introducing Benny's Original Motor Works, a car customization garage. Benny's shop specializes in lowriders, allowing players to install hydraulics, new wheels and rims, custom gear shift levers, horns, bobbleheads, vanity plates, soundsystems, and more on their cars. 

Alongside Benny's Motor Works, Lowriders adds eight new contact missions involving Lamar. The update also includes a new Machine Pistol and Machete, as well as a load of new gear and accessories. 

This update will allow the players to buy a 4th property. This week, Rockstar is giving 25% off of a 10-car garage.

GTA's very own video making suite, Rockstar Editor has also been updated. It now has a Scene Creator for the director mode which allows you to make custom settings for your GTA 5 movies. You now have more than 200 props to choose from for your scene.

Lowriders is introducing 3 adversary modes: Keep the Pace, Offense Defence, and Relay. The complete details of the DLC can be found here

This DLC has not been released for last-gen consoles as Rockstar earlier stated that the company's primary focus are the new-gen and PC editions of the game.


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Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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