Guess Who's Back? Johnny Gat!

Johnny Gat in Saints Row 4, what more could you want? Oh yer, the game, so you can see Johnny in it.

Recently a trailer has surfaced which has the world in a storm! It may be simply the most mind blindingly amazing piece of...[cue the sound of a vinyl needle being pulled out]....Hold on just one second.

Right, sorry about that, fanboyisum took over for a second.

So a trailer has recently been released for Saints Row 4, no shock there, but this one is different; it's the trailer about series veteran and one of the most loved characters in Saints Row, Johnny Gat, and his return.

Yes, you heard that correctly, he is alive--if you haven't played Saints Row: The Third, then you might not have known it, but Johnny Gat was believed to have died. If you want to find out how, get Saints Row: The Third, or look up some videos about it. Google will help.

So Johnny is back, is this good news, or bad news, let me know in the comments below.

The link to the UK trailer is here, and US trailer here.

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Published Jul. 19th 2013

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