All Bears and Other Hilarious Gimmick Runs of RPGs

Bears can storm a castle and nobody bats an eye. Also, a baby can save the wasteland.

Role-playing games are great for telling awesome stories through the characters you play. Sometimes they allow for you to be really serious and play as a thief, a soldier, or a wizard. Other times, they allow you to exploit the game and play as a bunch of bears, or something like that. With that being said, let's look at a few examples of the latter.

All Bears - Pillars of Eternity

Christopher, over at PCGamer, had the crazy idea of trying to run through PoE as a bunch of bears. He utilized the ability to create your own adventurer and made a group of rangers. He gave each ranger the bear as his companion so in the end, he had six characters and six bears. He gave all the bears ridiculous names, like Bear-y Potter, and set off on his attempt to finish one quest with just the bears. The game had limitations, though, the bears died if the ranger it's paired with dies, and the rangers have to be on the same map as the bears, but don't have to be near the bear for it to fight.

All seemed to be going well for Mr. Bear and his cohort until they reached a castle that had pesky doors they couldn't open with their non-opposable thumbs. Then they got ambushed by a scripted event and suddenly found themselves to be dead. It was a nice attempt, but unfortunately, the gang didn't make it to the beary end.

Baby is the Savior of the Wasteland - Fallout 3


It's kind of strange to picture, but you can play through Fallout 3 as a baby. It's quite slow, as it considers you to be a toddler in a few areas: you move at crawl speed, you're teeny-tiny, and you are randomly searching for "da-da" the entire game. But hey, at least you can wield a weapon, wear armor designed for grown-ups, and are as hard to hit as any good guy facing a storm trooper in Star Wars. You also just look like a miniature version of your older self. When you're breaking a game to play in a hilarious way, you can't expect it to make you look like a baby.

Trick Shots - Skyrim


Now, this isn't technically an entire play through, but I thought I'd share it simply because it's super entertaining, and crazy difficult. Basically, YouTuber Kennaay1891 has mastered the bow in Skyrim and decided to mess with the folks living there. Most of the trick shots use flaming arrows. He shoots them high into the sky and then waits for them to rain down on unsuspecting citizens. 

These are just a few odd and funny ways in which people have spent their time in the worlds that are not meant to be played in such ways. But thanks to some creativity, and in some cases a lot of time, we get people that like to try crazy things for everyone's enjoyment.

Let me know if you've seen any strange runs of your favorite RPGs in the comments.

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Published Apr. 26th 2018

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