Kinect and Garry's Mod: Two great tastes that taste great together (Midday LOL)

The infamous Garry Newman finds new ways to combine two great innovations of PC gaming: Garry's Mod and the Kinect.

Today's LOL is brought to you by the infamous Garry Newman. When Garry's Mod and Microsoft's Kinect starts dancing, chaos ensues.

We all know the incredibly fun mod of Half Life 2 Garry's Mod, right? The physics and customization options are out of this world. To this day, players still log onto that game, and many players recognize it independently from its core game.

What if we were to through the robust mo-cap power of the Kinect into the mix? Well, that is exactly what creator Garry Newman did in the above video. He said that he was "having way too much fun with the Kinect and GMod." Yes, Garry, you are have way too much fun with that, but thank you for sharing. Now everyone is going to have to follow suit.

If you want to make a similar video, Garry says you need a Kinect (duh!) and the Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.6. He does add that if you have the 360 Kinect that you might need a power USB cable, but other than that, you're golden.

Have fun! And if you find any more goofy antics on the interwebs, gimme a shout on Twitter or in the comments below.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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