Lost in Regulation? - Nintendo not accepting Japanese Indie Applications for its Wii U eShop

Nintendo admits to not accepting applications from Japanese developers for its Wii U eShop service.

While Nintendo has been very friendly to Indie developers in the west, this has shown to not be the case within its own borders. It is a curious reverse-stereotypical-xenophobic case concerning the Japanese video game company. A disclosure printed on a GDC questionnaire has been circulating Twitter, and Japanese developers have not been happy about it.

It has been over two months since the Wii U eShop launched, but there has yet been no reason to light as to why Nintendo is not accepting applications form developers located in Japan. Whether Nintendo has yet to form or reveal an alternative policy for Japanese developers or has not made it clear that Nintendo simply would rather not include its own native developers in such a service, it is not for certain.

Given the many games and cultural ties made with the Japanese, one might think that Japanese developers would have been included in the service from the start. Maybe, in the early future, Nintendo will come to light about its decision regarding Japanese developers.


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Source vg247.com
Published Jul. 23rd 2013

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