Omensight Launches for PC and PlayStation 4 on May 15

Spearhead Games is set to launch their new title next month. Read on for more details on Omensight.

Spearhead Games has announced that their upcoming action-adventure game, Omensight, will launch for PC and PlayStation 4 on May 15.

The gameplay video highlights the "Omensight" mechanic, which allows players to reveal previously obtained key information as well as important NPCs on their current timeline, which will help lead them to the prevention of the world's impending destruction.

It has been stated that players who enjoyed the time-shifting aspect of Majora's Mask will also enjoy how Omensight changes the fates of all its lead characters through different timelines. Omensight is also set to feature the voice talent of Patricia Summersett (of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild).

Omensight will launch on PC and PlayStation 4 on May 15, 2018. The game can be added to Steam Wishlists, and pre-orders are now available on PlayStation 4. Both versions of Omensight will be $19.99 USD, however, PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20 percent discount as part of PlayStation's Totally Digital campaign.


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Published Apr. 24th 2018

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