Sony's trademark falls flat on its face...again

Sony tried again to trademark "Let's Play", and it went down!

Earlier this week, the Internet was buzzing about Sony's attempt to trademark the term "Let's Play".  But their attempt has failed, as shown in this letter from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“Let’s Play” has been a common part of gaming vernacular for many years now. So it may seem obvious that any attempts to trademark the phrase would fail. However, the application actually failed because of an existing trademark on “Let’z Play."

This is actually the second time that the patent has failed for reason. The letter says:

“In this case, the following factors are the most relevant: similarity of the marks, similarity and nature of the goods and/or services, and similarity of the trade channels of the goods and/or services."

Sony has until the end of June to appeal the decision. In order to be approved, they would need to prove that their new trademark is sufficiently different from the existing trademark.

Users on NeoGAF have observed that this new trademark may not be an attempt by Sony to prevent average gamers from uploading Let’s Play videos to YouTube or Twitch, but rather would exist to prevent Microsoft or Nintendo from using those words in any official branding.


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Published Jan. 14th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I doubt it's to stop other companies from using it... this goes for all companies, they want control of the content. Getting the copyright for Let's Play does just that for Sony, allows them to control what content is seen by the public. So if someone does a Let's Play of Uncharted and berates it all the time, Sony can just say it breaches copyright and kick it offline.

    Of course, Sony would never do that would they... remember this is the company who said that their controllers will have plug and play support for Windows 7 and up shortly after release. The company who very childishly did the this is how you share games video, not saying not being able to share games is good... it's not good but it was just childish to do what they did (and Microsoft have done a similar thing). Oh and Sony said their online system would be as stable as Xbox Live? It's gone down just as much as before... all companies lie, and scheme. Never assume good intentions.

    And not saying other companies given the chance wouldn't do this, of course they would too.

    That's me probably being very cynical... but hey ho...

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