From screen to board and back again: 9 excellent "cross platform" games

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There has long been a crossover between the digital and tabletop mediums, even though the PC/console-focused sites tend not to mention it all that frequently. Even before there was a Final Fantasy, there were gaming enthusiasts gathered around tables rolling dice and moving miniatures across boards.

It's obvious why there's so much overlap between the two groups. Clearly the folks hanging out down at the local gaming / comics shop picking up anime and playing a few rounds of Magic: The Gathering are also going to be interested in games like Pillars Of Eternity or Witcher III (we're also those people filling your Facebook feed with Game Of Thrones memes and arguments from Sunday night through Monday morning).

There are plenty of instances where the two worlds collide and are in fact completely intertwined, like Pokemon in its digital and physical card game versions. The biggest news lately on that front is that Witcher III's in-game tabletop card experience Gwent getting its own standalone release.

There's plenty more beyond Gwent though, with even the Souls-style Bloodborne having a card game in the works (jokes abound across the net of every card reading “You Died” or “Prey Slaughtered”).

If you've missed the many excellent cross platform board / video games released in recent years, we've got you covered with a list of nine entries well worth checking out.

Published Jul. 1st 2016

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