12 Ways You Can Start Cosplaying Overwatch Characters Too!

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It wasn't even official release day when we started seeing the first photos sweeping across the internet of epic Overwatch cosplay. Drama soon followed, of course. The rabid "Mei is Bae" mentality has dogged every girl who's attempted donning the blues, desperate to point out all things that they've done wrong, or just for attention. 

Screw 'em. Sometimes we do this just for fun, and if you're not skilled at the sewing machine, that's okay. This list is for those of you hunting for geeky casual wear, just want something to jazz up a geeky pool party, and/or gunning to represent at your next geek convention - here are a bunch of ideas on how to do just that! (But if you need ideas for beginner cosplays, we've got those too.)

(Source: cosplay by Bloodraven & photo by The Will Box)

Published Jun. 5th 2016

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