[Infographic] Call of Duty Has Over 1900 Years Played

Activision has released some interesting stats about CoD players

With CoD Ghosts just around the corner, Activision has released an infographic with some interesting statistics about Call of Duty players.

Once you take into account that the Call of Duty franchise just turned 10 last week, and the fact that Activision doesn't say what games are included in these figures, they lose some of the "wow" factor.

The infographic is below but if you like your stats in plain old text I've compiled them for you.

  • Over 1900 years of playtime
  • 1.9 quadrillion respawns in multiplayer
  • this is 266, 816 times the population of the world
  • 813 million UAVs have been shot down in multiplayer 
  • The approximate real world cost of a single UAV is 4.3 million dollars
  • The combined costs would total almost $3.5 Quadrillion USD
  • this is more than 5 thousand times the US federal budget
  • Over 18 billion multiplayer matches have been played (I'm going to take a completely uneducated guess and say that less than half of these were 100% enjoyable) 

Call of Duty: Ghosts is due out tomorrow, November 5th for PS3, PS4,  Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Published Nov. 4th 2013
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    According to the Wall Street Journal, WoW has 5.9 MILLION years played. (that was as of 2010, imagine another three years added to that number)

    Although, is that 1900 year number supposed to refer to how many years played per day?

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